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Back to school the next phase

We have invested over £90,000 on PPE to keep our staff and passengers as safe as possible while in our vehicles. We understand the importance school transport for both mainstream and special schools. Safety is always paramount to our working day ensuring you feel safe within our vehicles is not only Necessary but even more essential at this moment in time.

As we move into the next phase of the government’s response to Covid-19, there will be more people needing to travel on our services. Because of the need to maintain social distancing wherever possible, we will continue to operate with only one passenger per seat row (unless they are from the same family, then we may look to have more). This will change in time as guidelines are relaxed expected to be by June 1 st 2020) With more people attending schools and centres than there has been in recent weeks, we need your help to ensure that upon arrival passengers are aware of the need to distance once in playgrounds and carparks.

The number of vehicles will be increasing meaning more familiar faces in the same location we will stagger where we can the loading and unloading to help prevent cross contamination. Please help us get you safely wherever you need to go by following the recommended guidance. Before your journey make sure you, plan, have you or can you carry sanitizer? Can face coverings be worn ?

If anyone is showing any symptoms, please don’t let your children travel, help us to help you stay safe.

Please read our PPE and stay safe on transport notice Here.